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About Philip Amankwah

Philip is the CEO of Philips Technologies and the founder of philipstechonline.com. He is a young tech entrepreneur and a blogger. He writes on Education, Politics and Entertainment as well.

Our Story

Philipstechonline.com is one of the biggest and fast-growing portals founded by Amankwah Philip the CEO of PhilipsTechnologies. The website is run by a team of tech students and non-tech individuals who have come together to ensure a very promising internet space for Tech lovers and also to educate and eradicate tech phobia especially in Ghana and the world as a whole. We aimed at publishing verified tech news, accurate time reports, opinions, breaking news, articles, and online educations.
The website was founded in 2021 as part of the CEO’s vision and that of the team to educate the general populace and for anyone interested in tech, in Ghana and beyond.

In addition to news, the website produces original tech-centered content geared at the everyday Ghanaian as well as the tech person, in and outside Ghana.
It is our focus to constantly deliver educational content to the African community and the whole world. We also deliver intentional tech news and reviews.

If you really love tech, want to learn about the latest trends on social media, gadgets, artificial intelligence, telcos, and technological advancements in the world, you will feel right at home here.
Looking for ideas, tricks, and tips as well as answers to some tech questions, our forums are a good place to start from. Over the years, we have built an encouraging community of everyday people who take delight in tech support and news.
Currently, we are one of the biggest tech promoters and a fast growing community in Ghana.

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