Arrogance of pastors, politicians is collapsing the country

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General Overseer of New Generation True Faith Church International Apostle Ebenezer Adiyiah has perceived that Pastors and Politicians in the country have become arrogant, collapsing the country.

Pastors, politicians in Ghana are bedeviled with greed, individualism, Propaganda and arrogance.

According to Apostle Adiyiah, the level of arrogance in society is not just restricted to the clergy but the various professionals as well.

He revealed that, Pastors and politicians in Ghana have relegated patriotism to the background thereby looting the coffers of nation to enrich themselves.

The arrogance is the major cause of corruption in the country.

He posited that the attitudes of Ghanaian Pastors and politicians have transcended to the ordinary people in the country making everybody think of him or herself first rather than the nation. He noted that due to the selfish interest of Pastors and politicians poverty has engulfed the people since the commencement of multi-party democracy in Ghana.

Apostle Adiyiah revealed that, it is important for Ghanaians to come to the realization that social morals are decaying and therefore the need to take stock and revert to the righteous ways of doing things.

“Pastors and Politicians are getting too arrogant and proud.

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