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Atta Frimpong constructs asphalt road in Accra

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A philanthropist, Atta Frimpong, a native of Dormaa Ahenkro construct two (2) kilometers Asphalt Road in Accra.

Atta Frimpong, a Ghanaian and a philanthropist and a native of Dormaa Ahenkro in the Bono Region have constructed 2 kilometers Asphalt Road in Accra.

The Asphalt was constructed at lashiebi a suburb in Accra near Emef Estate which branches to North Celebrity Hill, the national capital .

He said he did that because he is a Ghanaian and the love he had for his country and the area he stayed in Accra motivated him to construct the road to aid in easy movement of the people in the area.

Mr Atta Frimpong who is the managing Director of Ronor motors in Accra and advice Ghanaians that it is our responsibility as Ghanaian to help ourselves in any capacity we find ourselves and love each other, saying it is only that we can develop as a nation.

He said it doesn’t take to have money to do that but said there are little things we can use our strength, hands and intelegence to do to cause a change in people’s life.

He had on several occasions distributed relief items, money and also make donations to widows and widowers.

This revelation was made known to PeaceFM Correspondent Oteng Apau of DormaaFM in an interview with him on Dormaa FM in the Bono Region. CUEin 1:14

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