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How I fixed two TM1 laptops with sound issues

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TM1 laptops have had a number of issues and complaints from various users. The greatest complaints are sound related issues. This article seeks to provide insight on how I was able to fix two TM1 laptops that displayed “no audio device installed.”

On the first TM1, the owner narrated that the sound was working just fine. He only closed the lid of the laptop to attend to an issue. After he decided to open the lid and continue his daily routine on the laptop, the audio just stopped working.

With the second TM1 laptop, the owner reported even a far weird case.

I was watching movie and all of a sudden, there was no sound. So I thought there was an issue with the movie file. Then I realized the sound of the laptop is was not working”

How I fixed the sound issues differently

The cause of any issue in a device usually determines how it should be fixed. For instance, if Bluetooth is not working on your computer and it turns out there is no Bluetooth chip or module installed on your Motherboard, no software on earth can enable Bluetooth on your computer until you have installed either a removable Bluetooth via USB or a module on the motherboard.

So I had that in mind and also knowing before hand that KA Technologies have installed audio hardware, I was convinced that it was a software related issue.

On the first TM1, I rebooted the laptop and it worked. This issue happens to my TM1 laptop all the time and a simple reboot did the trick. It happened usually when the laptop is kept on hibernation for a longer time.

Issues were complicated with the second TM1. A reboot did not fix it and neither did updating the Windows in settings. Rolling back to a previously installed driver update didn’t do the trick either.

I decided to install a TM1 laptop sound driver manually and that did the trick. The steps below highlight how I did it:

  1. First visit this page and download the sound drivers from there.

2. After the download is complete, extract the files on your computer using Winrar.

3. Open device manager on your computer by searching for device manager in Windows search.

4. Locate the audio devices in device manager. If the driver is not working, it is likely to show is Other devices session. Right click on each device and select update driver.

5. Now select browse computer for drivers. Then select browse on the next screen and locate the extracted folder on your computer.

6. Select next and the system will search the folder for compatible drivers and install. After rebooting the laptop, the sound was fixed.

This is how I got the second TM1 laptop working and I thought I should share my experiences.

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