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How I used Google AI tool to practice interview questions

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Google has launched a tool that helps people to practice job interview questions. The tool asks common interview questions and allows you to use voice to answer the questions.

Attending job interviews is very important in the world of work and Google’s AI tool helps you practice that.

Personally, I had a series of interviews to attend so when I came across this intuitive interview tool, I decided to give it a shot and share my experiences with the tool.

First of all, I opened the Interview Warmup page and clicked on start practicing.

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Next, the tool gave me various fields I would like to practise. The fields were Data Analytics, E-commerce, IT support, Project Management, UX design and General fields.

Then, I selected the General field. Any field from the list can be selected based on your career path.

The tool then asked questions and allowed me to either use my keyboard or voice using microphone to answer the questions.The tool then analysed the answer provided and uses machine learning to provide suggestions for improvement.

Personally, I think this tool is intuitive and I recommend it to anyone who is planning to attend an interview. It helped me practise interview questions easily.

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Philip Amankwah

Philip Amankwah is a tech enterpreneur and an education blogger

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