How to link your Ghana card to your GCB account

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From July 1, 2022 the Ghana card will be the only acceptable form of ID for all transactions in Ghana. Hence, there is the need to link your Ghana card to your bank account. If you are a GCB Bank account holder, follow the steps to link your card to your account online.

How to link your Ghana card to your GCB account

Note that you can visit any GCB branch with your Ghana card and two passport sized photographs to link your Ghana card.

You can also update your account online. To do that:

Visit and select link my card

Enter your account number and select your account that pops up.

Next, select your preferred method of receiving OTP either by email or phone number. You will receive a pin code. Enter the code on the next screen to continue.

On the next screen, enter the ID number on the Ghana card and press start camera.

Go through the recommended image format and follow suit to prevent your captured image from being rejected. Basically, the image should be a passport sized photograph, showing your full face without shadows, on a plain white or off white background.

Once you are set, take the photo and select verify by photo. If your photo is rejected, take it again and keep on trying until it is accepted.

When your photo is accepted, you will be required to capture your Ghana card.

On the next screen, tap on start camera, to capture the front part of your Ghana card. Once you complete that, you will be asked to capture the back of your card as well. Tap continue when you’re done.

The next screen will show a summary of your account details as shown:

Verify your details and tap Submit. You will get a success message on the next screen that your details have been uploaded and a notification will be sent on your phone number showing success of your card being linked to your account.

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