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Safety precautions students and teachers must follow when school resumes

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Basic schools in Ghana are to re-open on 15th January, 2021. Earlier, I published an article about how this is a major responsibility to the Ghanaian classroom teacher.

In this write up, I will outline a number of saftey guidelines the teacher must follow to protect students from COVID-19.

Safety Guidelines

  1. Find ample time to talk to the children about COVID-19 and why there is the need for them to protect themselves.
  2. Educate them on the need to regularly wash hands with soap under running water and also the use of the sanitizer. Talk about some common handwashing errors people make.
  3. Students must avoid sharing of cutlery set, water, handkerchief etc
  4. It is very important for all students and teachers to put on nose masks at all times.
  5. Students must avoid sharing of pencils, pens, erasers etc.
  6. Teachers must ensure that social distancing is adhered to and also the classroom must be well ventilated.
  7. Teachers must ensure that veronica buckets are placed at vantage points to promote regular handwashing.
  8. Thermoneter guns should be readily available to periodically check the temperature of students and teachers.
  9. Assemblies, sporting activities and other social gatherings must be avoided.
  10. Any student who feels sick or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms should not panic but stay at home and alert a nearby local health station.

The above guidelines, when followed, will ensure the safety of all and sundry in the basic school classroom.

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